Innovating in Australia, poised for global expansion

EDEN is seeking to raise $5M by way of an equity Share Issue. The proceeds of the Share Issue will enable EDEN to produce the key nano materials required to develop and commercialise EDEN’s thin film renewable energy technologies.

The $5M funding will enable EDEN to:

●      Establish a PAN FSP nano commercial grade plant capable of producing up to 10kg/day of nanomaterial

●      Complete the design for a 100kg/day plant

●      Produce pre production prototypes of its thin film solar/supercapacitor devices

The Company intends to  list onto the ASX or other appropriate exchange once its business model objectives have been met.

How to Invest

Any person wishing to participate in this development capital raising by the Company should arrange for the Application Form and Accountant’s certificate in the Information Memorandum to be completed and signed, accompanied by proof of payment via EFT or TT and then forwarded to:

Company Secretary,
Eden BDM Limited
c/o Bentleys Level 10,
10 Spring St Sydney NSW 2000

EDEN BDM Limited Management Team

The team is comprised of experienced business builders, corporate managers and globally recognized leaders in their respective technology fields. It has over 60 years accumulated experience in research, development and commercialisation in some of the most advanced technologies globally, such as; nanophotonics, quantum optics, microfluidics, nanomaterials and telecommunications.


Professor David Moss
PhD, MSc (Physics) FIEEE, FOSA Technical Director,

Prof. Moss is Director of the Center for Microphotonics (CMP) at Swinburne University. He is a Fellow of the Optical Society of America and was recently honoured with a Fellowship of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE).


Alexander King
MAPRA, MPPCA, MAICD, Managing Director

Mr King is the former founder, Chairman and Managing Director of Altius Mining Limited and founder and CEO of Windsor Services (HK) Limited. He has also successfully cofounded, developed and marketed two international brands in diverse fields, Terra Australia and Bio Essentials.


Dr Jonian Nikolov
PhD(Physics), PhD (Elec-Mech Eng), MSc (Metallurgy),
MIA, METS, MCA, MASME (USA), Chief Technical Officer

Dr Nikolov is a recipient of; the Queen Elizabeth II Fellowship; the JSPS Post doctoral Fellowship (Japan); the NEIS Fellowship; and the CSIRO CEO Award. He has published 50 research papers and holds 6 patents.


Jan Roskott
MBA, Newport University, The Netherlands,
Non – Executive Director

Mr Roskott was formerly business unit manager for Hewlett-Packard Europe and cofounded IT solutions provider IC Group, acting as CEO. The business grew from 2 to 120 consultants and was sold to global IT company Software AG in 2001, following which he migrated to Australia.


Andrew Darbyshire
Non-Executive Director

Prior to 25 years in IT, Mr Darbyshire had 10 years as a commercial pilot eventually serving as First Officer on the QANTAS 747 fleet. As a Software architect he has rolled out many substantial projects including Connect+, a General Insurance platform that wrote AU$100m in its first year of operation.


Kevin Cranfield

Mr Cranfield is Managing Director of Bentleys NSW, specialising in audit, taxation, accounting and strategic business advice for clients in the middle market. He has acted as a professional advisor to a diverse range of businesses, including those in IT and communications, manufacturing, property development and agribusiness.


Graham Libbesson
B Com, LLB, Corporate Governance and Finance

Mr Libbesson is a former Managing Partner and leader of the tax division at PKF. He has also consulted to Pitcher Partners and has 35 years’ experience in management, tax and structuring, debt and equity, M&A and licensing.

EDEN BDM: Proud to be innovating in Australia.